Tips for getting ready for a removal!

Before you start, now is a good time to have that ‘clear out’ getting rid of any rubbish or items you do not wish to take with you. 

You may find local charities in your area that can recycle items of furniture and electrical items. 


Start in the loft and work your way down. 

Take down any pictures, frames or art that you have hanging from the walls – it will save you from knocking any down!  Use bubble wrap or similar to protect them, and place them safely out of the way in a room you don’t use much. 

Now that you have cleared your home of any unwanted items and taken down pictures, it’s time to start packing the ornaments and crockery etc.  Old newspaper is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to protect items within cardboard boxes.  Once you have filled a box, seal it well with tape.  If you have  room, designate a space to stack your boxes to save them getting in your way.


Remember to write ‘fragile’ on boxes containing crockery, glasses or ornaments etc.  Try not to make boxes too heavy and keep them below 20 kilo's.  Mark any boxes as HEAVY if appropriate.  Mix things like books with a pillow or towels.  It makes it easier for us to load and easier for you at your new home.  If you are not sure how to pack some of your delicate treasured possessions, leave the box open and we will pack it for you.  We recommend a company called for reasonably priced and strong boxes delivered to you in a matter of a few days. 

Don’t worry about emptying chests of drawers if they mainly contain clothes.  It will save you some packing and ironing at your new address. 

Strong black plastic bags are ideal for items such as curtains and bedding.  Make use of empty holdalls and suitcases. 

Now that all the packing has been taken care of, it’s time to dismantle any bed frames, remembering to put the screws into a bag and attaching to part of the frame.  Take down lampshades, curtain poles and any other bits and bobs that you are not leaving behind.  Unplug all electrical items such as TV’s and fridges.  Un-plumb washing machines and dishwashers remembering to put any of the pipes you need inside.  Disconnect any gas appliances that are part of the removal – if unsure, get in a professional.  

All items of furniture will be export wrapped by us prior to loading onto the vehicle and further protected by purpose made blankets.  It will however help us if items such as Welsh dressers and wall units are unscrewed so that we can take the top sections off easily.  Remember to check the tops of any units for bits and bobs and dust too!  Take any loose shelfs out and if glass, wrap with bubble wrap.

If you are taking any bicycles with you, can you please remove the pedals.  This will assist us in loading them and helps to protect other items.  

Tape all your gardening tools such as spades, forks and hoes together.  Taping a black or similar plastic back over the tool end will help keep things clean and tidy.  Ensure petrol tools are empty of fuel, and if dirty, please wrap in plastic. 

Try to keep any outdoor plants dry for a few days.  It will make loading them easier and cleaner.  Remember potted plants take up a lot of valuable load space as we can't stack above them.  

We cannot carry any part used tins of items such as paint and oil etc.  However, if you have tins that are still sealed by the manufacturer, please tape around the seal for further protection.  We are unable to transport petrol or similar. 

Dismantle items such as bird baths (where possible) Large benches, picnic tables etc.

If you have any questions.  PLEASE give us a call to ask for advice.  We are only to happy to help!

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