All removals are unique, and no two ever cost the same.  This page really is just a general indication at costs involved.  There are so many variables to take into account, so please always ask for a no obligation quotation to see how much your individual requirements will cost.  You can obtain a quote quickly and easily by completing our online quote form. 



What Will It Cost???  

This guide is based on standard removals between 25 and 38 cubic metres originating in UK or in Europe returning to the UK.  For EU to EU moves, please contact us.  It's impossible to take all variables into account, so please bear in mind this is strictly, only a guide. 


(If you only require a move of between 10 and 17 cubic metres - discounts of up to 40% of these costs are usually available)


Where are you in the UK?  There are 8 different zone areas: 


1  Southwest (except for Cornwall & Devon which is Zone 2)

2  London and the South East (except for Kent which is Zone 3

3  Eastern England and the East Midlands

4  North West and Yorkshire and the Humber

5  The North East

6  Scotland

7  Ireland

8  Wales (except north and East add £130)

Work out the Euro Zone!


Zone 1.  Western and Central/Western France are classed as EU Zone 1

Zone 2.  Spain

Zone 3.  Spanish Islands, Portugal with the exception of the Algarve which is EU Zone 4. 

Zone 4.  Eastern and South East France. Northern Italy* (*plus £300) Central Italy (plus £400) Southern Italy (plus £450) Scicily (plus £1000)

Zone 5.  Bulgaria, Romania and Northern Turkey (southern Turkey add £700)

Zone 6.  Western Russian

Now add the following to take into account time of year.  The prices above are based on the


Low season of November, December, January and February.


Mid season - March, April, May and October.  Add 10%


High season - June, July, August and September.  Add 15%


Public holidays and school half term during Mid and High season, add a further 5%


Need more than 37 cubic metres?  ask for a quote for moves up to 50 cubic meters, and up to 70 cubic metres.


All of the above pricing is presuming that you have given us at least 4 weeks notice of your move.  This allows us to utilise the vehicle space on the journey back.  Short notice moves may increase the cost.  Please, always ask for your own tailored quote! It may be cheaper (or dearer!) than you think! We are not in the habit of ripping folk off. We will ALWAYS try to give value for money and and excellent service. 


Now the fun bit!  We will presume you are moving from say an average home using a large 37 cubic metre vehicle ideal for moves between 25 and 37 cubic metres  This probably accounts for around 70% of our normal removals. 


To our standard pricing of £2500 from UK Zone 1 to EU Zone 1 in LOW SEASON  then add if relevant:


UK2 £250

UK3 £300

UK4 £350

UK5 £400

UK6 £450 (Northern Scotland £550)

UK7 £500 (Plus ferry costs of around £700)

UK8 £100 for soutern most counties in Wales - £250 all other areas.


To other EU Zones add:


EU2 £250 (Islands add £200 plus ferry costs - Balearics Ferry £600 - £1500 depending on season)

EU3 £300

EU4 £350

EU5 £750

EU6 £900 - £1200 please ask


So...  A move originating in UK4 going to EU2 (Spain) or vice versa would price at £3100.  Another example:  UK2 going to EU4 (Algarve) would price at £3100 low season and £3410 mid season.


Additional Average* Charges (if applicable) 3rd Porter required £120 UK €150 EU.  Difficult access (can't park close to building) £Please ask.  Moving from apartment with lift £100* without lift £200 plus extra porter*  Moving into an apartment with lift £100 or without lift from £200 all depending on parking location.  

NOT SUCH A BIG MOVE?? -Don't need the full 37 cubic metres of space? 

If your move is around a 'van load' and  less than 17 cubic metres, and you have given us 4 weeks notice, then discounts of up to 40% off the above prices could be available.  



Part loads / Just a few bits?  Please email us with the details and we will work out a cost for you.  Need it doing at a reasonable cost?  Being flexible with dates will help!


Prices start at around £100 per cubic metre from the UK to Spain for the first 6 cubic metres.  Min charge 3 cubic metres depending on locations.  Thereafter, the cost per metre drops!

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